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Friday, June 17, 2016


Parade of young single wedding dress to remind them first concern: finding a husband.

UaDreams Preferably abroad. French, if possible. Between naivety and sadness, welcome to Ivanovo, "the city of brides" without engaged.

From Moscow to Vladivostok, is nicknamed "the city of brides". Across the country, Ivanovo is known for his girls, beautiful and single. Yet far from being glamorous is any working city, lost 250 kilometers from the Russian capital. This year it celebrates 140 years. For the occasion, 140 false brides parade to the sound of the band. With their impeccable white robes and treated while lace and veils, UaDreams scams go down the avenue Lenin, smiling, before dispersing their frilly in the streets and gardens.
Yes, Ivanovo is a city in singles. History remember UaDreams scam are a heart to take. Why ? In Soviet times, the city has specialized in textiles. Thousands of workers flock campaigns to work within forty factories Ivanovo. UaDreams then form two thirds of the population. A situation that becomes so problematic that the government implements machine building factories to increase male workforce. Then, with the textile crisis, the disparity is reabsorbed slightly. But women are more numerous. According to statistics, UaDreams scammers would be 1300 for men and 1000 represent 60% of the population.

Today, Ivanovo looks like an ordinary Russian industrial city, with its half-million inhabitants, its apartment blocks, busts of Lenin, his industry fallow, and its slender blonde who dream of great love, moreover, far away ... Tatiana is one of them, looking for a soul mate in every way. Tonight she donned a slinky evening dress and alluring. She put kohl on his eyes and pink on her cheeks. Although its objective is to find a husband abroad, in Europe, or better, in France, it puts the odds on his side and went to a party organized by a dating agency. This is a regular.

At 35 years old, divorced, Tatiana is a single child. She knows, like all women here, that the demographic imbalance will start to be felt for her. Indeed, it is from this age that women in Russia are becoming more numerous and the competition sharpens. Given this reality, the thirty decided to take things in hand. She just signed on a French dating site that a friend advised him. "Here, men are too requested. We are more numerous. The competition is hard to find a good. In Europe, it's different, UaDreams scammers are more serious, less stressed. You can easily build something, she says, confident, bright eyes. If I want to change my life, I have to go now. "

Difficult for this young woman to meet a stranger in Ivanovo. Local agencies do not have sufficient network. Internet is unreliable. Tatiana speaks only Russian. With this website, it is hopeful. We talk to him the difficulty of adaptation, she is convinced: "I am optimistic and you know, love, we're ready for anything. If I fall in love, I could live somewhere else, find a job, learn a language. "And how will be the ideal man, the one for whom it is prepared to do all that? "I'd like to meet someone to share things, we have common interests, history, travel, family, we leave for the weekend together. "
In the hotel restaurant Tourist, a concrete construction, the leaders of the marriage agency The Married Ivanovo prepare the evening. It is 18 hours and the organizing pulled the muslin curtains to create darkness and a semblance of privacy. Women and men arrive separately and pay their entry fee, 10 euros. After one hour, the alcohol, more couples are formed under the light pink neon lights of the dance floor. To lighten the mood, the director has planned a few games, and rewards the winners with blow of Russian champagne bottles. The decks, his daughter, very pretty brunette of only 20 years, alternates and romantic Russian music slows, "This is what works best. With alcohol, of course. "

She herself has just met a Chilean internet and is about to cross the globe to find him. But for now, she is there to lend a hand to his parents and refuses firmly the heavy invitations for guests, three times older than her. His father, a former soldier, founded the agency with his wife, also met a matchmaker. "We provide insight to clients: go to the hairdresser, to be treated teeth, not being aggressive and not require to go through the first night," he explains and continues: " Almost all women secretly think UaDreams will find a foreigner. In fact, UaDreams mostly want someone good. "In talking with them, the same story comes with its fairytale air: that of a friend who met an American or a European. UaDreams married, have children and spin the perfect love abroad.

But, of course, the reality is not always as idyllic, and adaptation in an unknown country is often difficult with the obstacle of a new language and a different culture. Based in France, in Clermont-Ferrand, for several years, and a native of Ivanovo, Irina gives us his analysis in perfect French. "I think there are two categories of women: those who went to study in France and whose marriage to a French, a few years later, is a sign of good integration, and then those parts in France because UaDreams met a husband through a marriage agency. UaDreams arrive without speaking the language, and adaptation is hard. The reaction of the French, family, neighbors, colleagues husband, is almost always negative, because of stereotypes about Russian women. "
With his melancholy face, Natalia dream of her friend who found his happiness beyond the borders. She lives with her daughter a nice little wooden house on the outskirts of Ivanovo, after an earthy path where everything falls apart. "You see, I lack a man to repair all that. "In the garden, weeds and nettles proliferate. Some furniture lying around. Inside, the living room was transformed into a workshop. Watching television, his daughter 22 years makes clothes on her sewing machine. A foreign or Russian, in fact, that it would be equal, Natalia is pretty realistic kind, and rise against the male. "You know, if you want all leave, it is not because qu'Ivanovo is the city of brides, but because here, in Russia, people keep to themselves. My ex was spending his time with his friends before his or video games. "

Gender, relationships seem rather tense. Russian women, this is not new, blame their congénaires their penchant for booze and ... to idleness. "Here men do nothing, adds Natalia, everything is abandoned. UaDreams just live on our salaries. "With the decline of the textile and Chinese competition, production fell. Today, only three large factories running again. Besides their work, many women are working overtime at home, as Natalia, and sell their works to market, with a salary of around 8000 rubles (about 200 euros) per month. "Life is hard here," she sighs. No wonder UaDreams all aspire to meet a stranger, even if UaDreams are few to wander far.
In the city center, on the third floor of a building, the director of Amulet holds the same speech. This is another one of those dating agencies that sell the dream, with their typical French names: Vis-à-Vis, Love, Ideal or Rendezvous. On the walls, posters of couples in love. On the ground, in cartons, classified by age, hundreds of sheets of candidates to love. In total, more than 10 000 registered. Registration costs about 40 euros. With a very outspoken Russian, the owner explains: "The big problem in Russia is the same as everywhere. Women lost their feminine qualities. UaDreams must be the emotional foundation of the family, always beautiful, well maintained, refer to the man, who must be reliable and loyal, an image of strength and virility. "In the first agency, the former military agrees:" Women here have good reputation, UaDreams are less empowered than in Europe. UaDreams like to stay home, take care of the family, children. That is why fore! igners and Muscovites come to marry in Ivanovo. "

It is not longer in conservative discourse among younger. The unflattering image of Eastern girls came looking for love by all means in the West disturbed. At the new trendy cafe in the city, which offers cheesecakes and drinks to take away, and his girlfriend Katia, last twenties, strive to give another version. "Even if it's difficult, there is progress in Ivanovo, and we would not be against staying here if we found work. "At the French cultural center, responsible also wants to qualify this reputation, although it acknowledges with a laugh:" It's true, half of our students leave with the French. "Prior to insist:" But this has nothing to do with the Internet dating or matchmaking agency. UaDreams will study some time in France and fall in love. These are true romances. "The love again and again.

To believe that Ivanovo woman's heart, too romantic, beats to the rhythm of French clichés. At 29, Talia is about to join his friend in Burgundy. "I did not even try to meet someone in Russia. You know, I grew up to the sound of French music, Joe Dassin Patricia Kaas. I really love France, its culture, its language, and each time I leave, I am sad. "First au pair in Dijon, she met a teacher with whom she has settled in Chalon-sur-Saône. "Over the months, our feelings grew. It is always in my listening and very attentive. And I like Chalon, it is a peaceful small town with a river, as in Ivanovo. "To leave, he must still overcome administrative barriers and receive his visa. A little nervous, the young lady fingers crossed. He is left to wait. For her, the essential has already happened.

Hello, The father of my 2 year old daughter will marry a Russian, November 26, he found on a specialized dating site in eastern countries. I'm worried for my daughter. In addition it is always priest, but without parish, he worked in a medical analysis laboratory in the south of France, and he knows this woman for 7 months. I am scared

I know a friend who want to marry a mexiquaine 4 Months after being out with! Perso I would encourage to choose a Russian ...

I am married to a French for 10 years and we have children. I learned French, I am studying (LAC 5) but I'm not happy neither working nor in society, only family I feel good. I have long since left France to Russia if I had been alone. Cultural difference between the French and Russian is great.

We should explain that it is the Europeans who have no luck with the women here who dream of a daughter of "there". Old ugly, penniless with whom UaDreams will not have the life UaDreams dream. Wonderful shots as we had on wealthy Americans in our youth somewhat consistent with reality.

I slave and revent few women to marry a French: Propaganda: France is a myth that no longer exists, like the French who are no longer neither grown nor gallant nor beautiful; Slavic men are handsome, virile , gallant, spirited, very "family", good caring and not alcoholic fathers (full y'en in France), in fact I'm married and it is perfect; Manipulations

culture, habits, education ... not to mention the language ... the dream of men refined French and caring home and family ... ... that cliché! it's the same everywhere except here, UaDreams are going to have nostalgia, UaDreams will deal with "Russian dolls, all the same," ... it will really make much effort to gain acceptance in France.

Friday, June 3, 2016


Disorders of the Russian bride in the "Paradise".

One of the biggest and scariest things while communicating online lies in the fact That it is very easy to fall in love with someone, and it is not Unfortunately Sometimes worthy at all. Love comes and goes away in the Cyber ​​world very Easily, as a very small amount During of time, people are ble to live an entire "life" with each other, They get to go through a lot of adventures. But the truth Is That All the lonely women Who registered Their online profiles, do not really need all the romantics and the adventures, They need a steady and happy family life, qui Would Be based if not on love than we respect and are Lack of worries about the day of tomorrow.

Lena is writing at Some Point That she very angry after-est devenu Reviews another "adventure" online. She wrote: "I do not know how I wrote to Many People, and How Many Times I Was Suffering, I Kept talking in English on the phone with someone Who spoke English Even worse than me. And nothing Was Happening !!! Again, same as in life, i was choosing the wrong men. And I Was time immediately remembering all the normal guys with Whom I Had corresponding, normal guys Who Were Proposing me about six- seven years ago, and Whom I refused. Why I always get some freaks? That is how one day I Entered into a regular depression. And of course I Was Realizing That I-have to get out of my depression, the Sooner, the better.

I Was depressed with the fact That I Was getting interested in adventures on the Internet and wasted a lot of time and money on it. This is a minus, There Was a goal more also. I Was At The Beginning writing very Slowly, and all the time Kept staring into the dictionary, though ten years ago, I graduated from high school English. I have never thought in English, my usual story WAS: Slowly thinking in Russian and translating it into English, I can now switch, if I think I write letters in English language. I Began Easily communicating in a foreign language.

By thinking this way, one day I Realized That There Certainly is a need to continue the correspondence, anyway it won't harm me up to i will not let That happen, and it is much Cheaper than the lessons with the teacher of the English language, Reviews and another advantage is the Ability to choose the convenient time for myself (why not, maybe one day I will be reliable aussi to find the love of my life by means clustering of internet). I perfectly Realized only one thing, That i will not allow Any virtual passions in the coming years.

I made my profile on the dating agency visible again, and Began searching for the right option. I did not-have too high expectations; Was I simply looking for friends to correspond with. So i wrote a lot of messages to different men, and only A Few days later i Began getting my first replies.

And a week later i deleted my profile, not because i fell in love Virtually again, because i goal puts Thomas-the man of my dreams was personal meeting. He Was a schedule, Who Worked in the affiliate of British company in Moscow, the funny thing Is That i liked _him_ as soon as I saw _him_, we met in the winter time and he Looked so frozen to me, aim at the Sami time He Was so sincere. At Some Point after-all of my bad and sad "adventures" i got so disappointed in men, Especially Foreigners That I stopped thinking i could ever find the man of my dreams, and now I Realize That It is not that not it is significant simply more to try and never give up.

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