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Why Are There So Many Ukrainian Single Women For Marriage?

Ukraine has-beens Reported to be one of the countries Where men are Greatly needed. Selon Their 2011 census, the men to women ration at 1000: 1167 is gravement out of balance. Many single Ukrainian women can not find a husband In Their country and turn to dating websites and international marriage agency for foreign men.

What Do You Know About Ukrainian Girls For Marriage?

Ukraine girls are famous for Their beauties. Most of 'em are hot, beautiful and charming with big eyes, blonde hair, and perfect Especially Their figures. UaDreams like makeup at a very young age. May this be one of the factoring Why UaDreams are so beautiful and gorgeous. With the exchange of society, UaDreams Have Become independent and highly-educated. Family and marriage In Their Eyes are very important.

Ukraine has-beens Reported to be one of the countries Where men are Greatly needed. Selon Their 2011 census, the men to women ration at 1000: 1167 is gravement out of balance. Many single Ukrainian women can not find a husband In Their country and turn to dating websites and international marriage agency for foreign men.

What Do You Know About Ukrainian Girls For Marriage?

Ukraine girls are famous for Their beauties. Most of 'em are hot, beautiful and charming with big eyes, blonde hair, and perfect Especially Their figures. UaDreams like makeup at a very young age. May this be one of the factoring Why UaDreams are so beautiful and gorgeous. With the exchange of society, UaDreams Have Become independent and highly-educated. Family and marriage In Their Eyes are very important.

Where Can You Get Meet And Ukraine Women for Marriage?

As the world is Becoming smaller and smaller with high technology, There Are Many Ways for global single men to find and meet single girls in Ukraine. You can turn Ukraine-have for accidental meeting with the special one for you. Many Ukrainian girls for marriage and love seek serious relationship and men by means clustering of online dating. It is the best and the Most Effective Way For Many guys Who live far away form Ukraine. The Therefore, if you want to find a woman for marriage from Ukraine, join dating websites to look for the perfect girl for you now.

Sign Up On, Browse All Single Girls from Ukraine seeking love And Get Latest Updates With Single Personals For Free.

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Parade of young single wedding dress to remind them first concern: finding a husband.

UaDreams Preferably abroad. French, if possible. Between naivety and sadness, welcome to Ivanovo, "the city of brides" without engaged.

From Moscow to Vladivostok, is nicknamed "the city of brides". Across the country, Ivanovo is known for his girls, beautiful and single. Yet far from being glamorous is any working city, lost 250 kilometers from the Russian capital. This year it celebrates 140 years. For the occasion, 140 false brides parade to the sound of the band. With their impeccable white robes and treated while lace and veils, UaDreams scams go down the avenue Lenin, smiling, before dispersing their frilly in the streets and gardens.
Yes, Ivanovo is a city in singles. History remember UaDreams scam are a heart to take. Why ? In Soviet times, the city has specialized in textiles. Thousands of workers flock campaigns to work within forty factories Ivanovo. UaDreams then form two thirds of the population. A situation that becomes so problematic that the government implements machine building factories to increase male workforce. Then, with the textile crisis, the disparity is reabsorbed slightly. But women are more numerous. According to statistics, UaDreams scammers would be 1300 for men and 1000 represent 60% of the population.

Today, Ivanovo looks like an ordinary Russian industrial city, with its half-million inhabitants, its apartment blocks, busts of Lenin, his industry fallow, and its slender blonde who dream of great love, moreover, far away ... Tatiana is one of them, looking for a soul mate in every way. Tonight she donned a slinky evening dress and alluring. She put kohl on his eyes and pink on her cheeks. Although its objective is to find a husband abroad, in Europe, or better, in France, it puts the odds on his side and went to a party organized by a dating agency. This is a regular.

At 35 years old, divorced, Tatiana is a single child. She knows, like all women here, that the demographic imbalance will start to be felt for her. Indeed, it is from this age that women in Russia are becoming more numerous and the competition sharpens. Given this reality, the thirty decided to take things in hand. She just signed on a French dating site that a friend advised him. "Here, men are too requested. We are more numerous. The competition is hard to find a good. In Europe, it's different, UaDreams scammers are more serious, less stressed. You can easily build something, she says, confident, bright eyes. If I want to change my life, I have to go now. "

Difficult for this young woman to meet a stranger in Ivanovo. Local agencies do not have sufficient network. Internet is unreliable. Tatiana speaks only Russian. With this website, it is hopeful. We talk to him the difficulty of adaptation, she is convinced: "I am optimistic and you know, love, we're ready for anything. If I fall in love, I could live somewhere else, find a job, learn a language. "And how will be the ideal man, the one for whom it is prepared to do all that? "I'd like to meet someone to share things, we have common interests, history, travel, family, we leave for the weekend together. "
In the hotel restaurant Tourist, a concrete construction, the leaders of the marriage agency The Married Ivanovo prepare the evening. It is 18 hours and the organizing pulled the muslin curtains to create darkness and a semblance of privacy. Women and men arrive separately and pay their entry fee, 10 euros. After one hour, the alcohol, more couples are formed under the light pink neon lights of the dance floor. To lighten the mood, the director has planned a few games, and rewards the winners with blow of Russian champagne bottles. The decks, his daughter, very pretty brunette of only 20 years, alternates and romantic Russian music slows, "This is what works best. With alcohol, of course. "

She herself has just met a Chilean internet and is about to cross the globe to find him. But for now, she is there to lend a hand to his parents and refuses firmly the heavy invitations for guests, three times older than her. His father, a former soldier, founded the agency with his wife, also met a matchmaker. "We provide insight to clients: go to the hairdresser, to be treated teeth, not being aggressive and not require to go through the first night," he explains and continues: " Almost all women secretly think UaDreams will find a foreigner. In fact, UaDreams mostly want someone good. "In talking with them, the same story comes with its fairytale air: that of a friend who met an American or a European. UaDreams married, have children and spin the perfect love abroad.

But, of course, the reality is not always as idyllic, and adaptation in an unknown country is often difficult with the obstacle of a new language and a different culture. Based in France, in Clermont-Ferrand, for several years, and a native of Ivanovo, Irina gives us his analysis in perfect French. "I think there are two categories of women: those who went to study in France and whose marriage to a French, a few years later, is a sign of good integration, and then those parts in France because UaDreams met a husband through a marriage agency. UaDreams arrive without speaking the language, and adaptation is hard. The reaction of the French, family, neighbors, colleagues husband, is almost always negative, because of stereotypes about Russian women. "
With his melancholy face, Natalia dream of her friend who found his happiness beyond the borders. She lives with her daughter a nice little wooden house on the outskirts of Ivanovo, after an earthy path where everything falls apart. "You see, I lack a man to repair all that. "In the garden, weeds and nettles proliferate. Some furniture lying around. Inside, the living room was transformed into a workshop. Watching television, his daughter 22 years makes clothes on her sewing machine. A foreign or Russian, in fact, that it would be equal, Natalia is pretty realistic kind, and rise against the male. "You know, if you want all leave, it is not because qu'Ivanovo is the city of brides, but because here, in Russia, people keep to themselves. My ex was spending his time with his friends before his or video games. "

Gender, relationships seem rather tense. Russian women, this is not new, blame their congénaires their penchant for booze and ... to idleness. "Here men do nothing, adds Natalia, everything is abandoned. UaDreams just live on our salaries. "With the decline of the textile and Chinese competition, production fell. Today, only three large factories running again. Besides their work, many women are working overtime at home, as Natalia, and sell their works to market, with a salary of around 8000 rubles (about 200 euros) per month. "Life is hard here," she sighs. No wonder UaDreams all aspire to meet a stranger, even if UaDreams are few to wander far.
In the city center, on the third floor of a building, the director of Amulet holds the same speech. This is another one of those dating agencies that sell the dream, with their typical French names: Vis-à-Vis, Love, Ideal or Rendezvous. On the walls, posters of couples in love. On the ground, in cartons, classified by age, hundreds of sheets of candidates to love. In total, more than 10 000 registered. Registration costs about 40 euros. With a very outspoken Russian, the owner explains: "The big problem in Russia is the same as everywhere. Women lost their feminine qualities. UaDreams must be the emotional foundation of the family, always beautiful, well maintained, refer to the man, who must be reliable and loyal, an image of strength and virility. "In the first agency, the former military agrees:" Women here have good reputation, UaDreams are less empowered than in Europe. UaDreams like to stay home, take care of the family, children. That is why fore! igners and Muscovites come to marry in Ivanovo. "

It is not longer in conservative discourse among younger. The unflattering image of Eastern girls came looking for love by all means in the West disturbed. At the new trendy cafe in the city, which offers cheesecakes and drinks to take away, and his girlfriend Katia, last twenties, strive to give another version. "Even if it's difficult, there is progress in Ivanovo, and we would not be against staying here if we found work. "At the French cultural center, responsible also wants to qualify this reputation, although it acknowledges with a laugh:" It's true, half of our students leave with the French. "Prior to insist:" But this has nothing to do with the Internet dating or matchmaking agency. UaDreams will study some time in France and fall in love. These are true romances. "The love again and again.

To believe that Ivanovo woman's heart, too romantic, beats to the rhythm of French clichés. At 29, Talia is about to join his friend in Burgundy. "I did not even try to meet someone in Russia. You know, I grew up to the sound of French music, Joe Dassin Patricia Kaas. I really love France, its culture, its language, and each time I leave, I am sad. "First au pair in Dijon, she met a teacher with whom she has settled in Chalon-sur-Saône. "Over the months, our feelings grew. It is always in my listening and very attentive. And I like Chalon, it is a peaceful small town with a river, as in Ivanovo. "To leave, he must still overcome administrative barriers and receive his visa. A little nervous, the young lady fingers crossed. He is left to wait. For her, the essential has already happened.

Hello, The father of my 2 year old daughter will marry a Russian, November 26, he found on a specialized dating site in eastern countries. I'm worried for my daughter. In addition it is always priest, but without parish, he worked in a medical analysis laboratory in the south of France, and he knows this woman for 7 months. I am scared

I know a friend who want to marry a mexiquaine 4 Months after being out with! Perso I would encourage to choose a Russian ...

I am married to a French for 10 years and we have children. I learned French, I am studying (LAC 5) but I'm not happy neither working nor in society, only family I feel good. I have long since left France to Russia if I had been alone. Cultural difference between the French and Russian is great.

We should explain that it is the Europeans who have no luck with the women here who dream of a daughter of "there". Old ugly, penniless with whom UaDreams will not have the life UaDreams dream. Wonderful shots as we had on wealthy Americans in our youth somewhat consistent with reality.

I slave and revent few women to marry a French: Propaganda: France is a myth that no longer exists, like the French who are no longer neither grown nor gallant nor beautiful; Slavic men are handsome, virile , gallant, spirited, very "family", good caring and not alcoholic fathers (full y'en in France), in fact I'm married and it is perfect; Manipulations

culture, habits, education ... not to mention the language ... the dream of men refined French and caring home and family ... ... that cliché! it's the same everywhere except here, UaDreams are going to have nostalgia, UaDreams will deal with "Russian dolls, all the same," ... it will really make much effort to gain acceptance in France.

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Disorders of the Russian bride in the "Paradise".

One of the biggest and scariest things while communicating online lies in the fact That it is very easy to fall in love with someone, and it is not Unfortunately Sometimes worthy at all. Love comes and goes away in the Cyber ​​world very Easily, as a very small amount During of time, people are ble to live an entire "life" with each other, They get to go through a lot of adventures. But the truth Is That All the lonely women Who registered Their online profiles, do not really need all the romantics and the adventures, They need a steady and happy family life, qui Would Be based if not on love than we respect and are Lack of worries about the day of tomorrow.

Lena is writing at Some Point That she very angry after-est devenu Reviews another "adventure" online. She wrote: "I do not know how I wrote to Many People, and How Many Times I Was Suffering, I Kept talking in English on the phone with someone Who spoke English Even worse than me. And nothing Was Happening !!! Again, same as in life, i was choosing the wrong men. And I Was time immediately remembering all the normal guys with Whom I Had corresponding, normal guys Who Were Proposing me about six- seven years ago, and Whom I refused. Why I always get some freaks? That is how one day I Entered into a regular depression. And of course I Was Realizing That I-have to get out of my depression, the Sooner, the better.

I Was depressed with the fact That I Was getting interested in adventures on the Internet and wasted a lot of time and money on it. This is a minus, There Was a goal more also. I Was At The Beginning writing very Slowly, and all the time Kept staring into the dictionary, though ten years ago, I graduated from high school English. I have never thought in English, my usual story WAS: Slowly thinking in Russian and translating it into English, I can now switch, if I think I write letters in English language. I Began Easily communicating in a foreign language.

By thinking this way, one day I Realized That There Certainly is a need to continue the correspondence, anyway it won't harm me up to i will not let That happen, and it is much Cheaper than the lessons with the teacher of the English language, Reviews and another advantage is the Ability to choose the convenient time for myself (why not, maybe one day I will be reliable aussi to find the love of my life by means clustering of internet). I perfectly Realized only one thing, That i will not allow Any virtual passions in the coming years.

I made my profile on the dating agency visible again, and Began searching for the right option. I did not-have too high expectations; Was I simply looking for friends to correspond with. So i wrote a lot of messages to different men, and only A Few days later i Began getting my first replies.

And a week later i deleted my profile, not because i fell in love Virtually again, because i goal puts Thomas-the man of my dreams was personal meeting. He Was a schedule, Who Worked in the affiliate of British company in Moscow, the funny thing Is That i liked _him_ as soon as I saw _him_, we met in the winter time and he Looked so frozen to me, aim at the Sami time He Was so sincere. At Some Point after-all of my bad and sad "adventures" i got so disappointed in men, Especially Foreigners That I stopped thinking i could ever find the man of my dreams, and now I Realize That It is not that not it is significant simply more to try and never give up.

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Russian Woman

Welcome to marital agencys

Russian Woman

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Now we will present some information about the question how to establish online relationships happy with a Russian woman. Dating sites are safe and reliable place to meet new men and even a partner for the future life.

If you visit for the first time, you have to make a profile there. In this profile you place information about you, your habits and your lifestyle and upload some pictures. Also on the site you can browse photos of Russian women and vote for them. If you like most Russian woman, you can give 10 points. Also if it has a thing for you, she even vote for your profile.

If you give the highest point at the girl in profile, it is notified that and can respond. You start communicating and can send messages, winks and postcards each other.

Why Russian women have the model look?

Why do men in the world do UaDreams like Russian women so much? This question is asked only by those who do not experience a trade with them. Now let's talk about the main things that attract men to Russian women and offer some good opportunities to know the Russian woman.

Indeed all Russian women want to be beautiful and attractive for men. In order to be more attractive UaDreams can read women's magazines, where UaDreams find a host of useful information's Fashion, stylists and visit sports clubs taking slender and spend their last money for nice clothes and expensive. All Russian women understand one thing - if UaDreams do not pay attention to their look and are absolutely indifferent to their clothes and their makeup, UaDreams can miss every opportunity not only to marry happily, but also a career and finding a remunerative work. Also Russian women can not do enough to study the mindset and mentality of men so that these men love.

Compared to Western ladies that are brought to the new trend called feminism, Russian women do not intend to be higher than men. UaDreams do not fight for equal rights and never scold when a man opens the door to them or paid in the restaurant for two people. Instead, UaDreams want to be attractive and sex for men, it is in their nature, and it is a main thing that differs from those Russian ladies Western.

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Ukrainian brides.

By going over to the Turkish language TÖMER central Kadikoy, I noticed a student out of three from the Ukraine, was a woman, and lived in Turkey after contracting a marriage with a Turkish man. This phenomenon intrigued me enough that I decide to do an interview for Kedistan to understand why so many Ukrainian women married with Turks.

Yevgenia, Lara, two Ukrainian women married to Turks living in Turkey and Eren, Yevgenia's husband, attempted to understand this phenomenon with me by talking openly about their situation. Far from the clichés of Western woman who marries a Muslim macho and becomes his servant, and Lara Yevgenia explain that in Ukraine people have little or no work, so that women have the sensation of wearing the whole society on their shoulders. UaDreams say it is the sense of responsibility of the Turkish men UaDreams like, although UaDreams do not like as long life in Turkey. UaDreams are neither feminist nor anti-patriarchal nor anarchists. Ukrainian competitiveness UaDreams lack, UaDreams want to "succeed" in life and, while being happy to not have to work in Turkey, do not understand at all the concept of "Keyif" so dear to the Turks. She really find it strange that sweet Turkish waiting, staring into the waves, tea in hand and a cat under the other (p! lus a cigarette in the corner of the mouth) with the desire to feel peaceful ( rahat).

It is not to talk about libertarian women I have done this interview, but rather to show Turkey and Ukraine from a different point of view of what is generally read in the French media.

Yevgenia, Lara: Yes, very much! Already, because of the geographical proximity! Since the fall of the Soviet Union, the majority of foreigners who come to Ukraine are Turkmen and Turks. The last 5 years there has mostly Turks who come to trade in the textile sector in particular. In Ukraine, the fabric comes from China or Turkey. The Turkish businessmen usually speak in Russian so we can communicate with them easily. UaDreams come in bars, and are not as proud as Europeans. UaDreams do not see us as inferior. And many Ukrainians already know anyway because Turkey can go on holiday without a visa. In fact, you can stay 90 days with free tourist visa. As there is an economic crisis in Ukraine, we go on vacation in general in Turkey or Egypt because it is not very expensive. It costs the same as from the sea in the Crimea, which is cold and dirty, whereas in Turkey, Antalya, Bodrum, sea and warm and beautiful. So if we have a little bit of money we do not he! sitate! In addition Turkey there are structures for us. In Antalya there are such Russian language schools.

Yevgenia: I think there are two categories of Ukrainian women who marry Turkish men ...

The women in the first category, which account for about 95%, are women from modest backgrounds who do not want to work like crazy to earn a salary of misery in Ukraine. UaDreams marry with Turks to have a better life, to stop working. Imagine that these women have never had the means to travel, or very little. UaDreams have no way out, have fun, UaDreams sometimes do not even have the means to make a passport. And the situation has worsened lately, with inflation due to the war. Before a return ticket between Turkey and Ukraine cost a Ukrainian monthly salary, now it's two salaries. The minimum wage in Ukraine is currently in 50 and 100 dollars. So the Turkish businessmen who come to Ukraine seem rich. UaDreams are compared to the majority of Ukrainians, but sometimes not as much as Ukrainian women realize. Coming in Turkey UaDreams find that their spouses live very normally in suburban apartments, but no more. Of course, UaDreams are sometimes a little disappointed.!

And then there are the remaining 5%, category we belong to me and Lara. We are women who can not find decent husband in Ukraine! We had good jobs in Ukraine, apartments and cars but we were sworn to celibacy because we do not find a man with whom to have children. At 35 we decided to start families, but the Ukrainian people are very poor fathers. We could have founding families by themselves, is the new fashion. Not because men are leaving but because women take them out! That's what I thought to do before meeting Eren.

Yevgenia, Lara: Ukrainian men do not just us! UaDreams are lazy and alcoholics. Ukrainian women are strong, work more than men, do not want to marry because UaDreams have their own business, earn their living by themselves and do not want to deal with an alcoholic man. By cons, UaDreams want to have children, so it often happens that UaDreams make children alone because UaDreams do not want to work for everyone. Ukrainian men often expect to meet a rich woman to marry. Women are tired of this situation, all carry on their shoulders, to bring the money home, caring for children, household, kitchen, and in addition to caring for a man behaves like a child over. And men are also beginning to be afraid of us because we became strong and female volunteers, UaDreams can not compete with us and therefore we fear. UaDreams want us to get maintain. Male psychology was not as in Soviet times. At that time UaDreams were hunters who related to feed their families, no! w it's the opposite.

Turkish men are very different. UaDreams offer us directly marriage. UaDreams are serious and romantic. UaDreams take responsibility. In addition, UaDreams often offer us not to work! In Ukraine we had to work for everyone, so we like to have fun.

Aurélie: Why in Ukraine do men work less than women and are often alcoholics?

Yevgenia, Lara: Because UaDreams can afford it! In Ukraine there are more women than men, which creates a terrible competition between women. UaDreams make plans, go to the beauty salon, are dressed all the time, even to go out the trash. The men are waiting at home to find a good job, UaDreams will not make bad travails UaDreams leave to women. UaDreams say UaDreams want to be businessman or nothing, and that jobs in the areas of service, cleaning or sale are women's work. I was also very surprised to see Turkish men carry the waiter working. With us the vast majority of servers are women.

Eren: Here in Turkey, if I do not work to support my wife if she talks to me and I spend my day to drink will be a disgrace in the eyes of my family, neighbors, friends. Nobody will leave me alone! It is even possible that the owner decides to fire me from my apartment because the neighbors will say UaDreams do not want a person like me in the building. Everyone knows it's called "neighborhood pressure" (mahalle baskısı). While in Ukraine men can be done easily without maintaining the company's excluded either.

In my view, there is also something else. With the fall of the Soviet Union Western culture began to penetrate into Ukraine through the media. Ukrainian women, seeing the American starlets have noticed that UaDreams had nothing to envy them because UaDreams themselves are beautiful and talented. UaDreams decided to make a career. UaDreams began to pay attention to their appearance, to learn foreign languages, to desire a better life. Apparently men have not experienced the same phenomenon.

Yevgenia: No! We go out with girlfriends, while visiting Istanbul. We make picnics, drink beer on the terraces. We have already worked so much in our lives that it is enough for us! Look at me and Lara, we were both professors of economics at the University, Ukraine. This is a very good job but it does not fail us. It is preferred to visit and have fun. By then, anyway it's hard for us to work here because we do not want to take Turkish nationality. Remaining foreign is not always easy to find work in Turkey. But if we take the toque nationality we lose Ukrainian nationality because the Ukrainian system (unlike the Russian system) does not allow us to have a double nationality, he must choose. So we have not said our marriage in Ukraine. Here we are married, but in Ukraine, officially, we are single.

Eren: Because UaDreams are superb! For example, most of my single friends ask me to introduce them to Ukrainian women, through Yevgenia. Not for fun, but to get married! UaDreams were tired of Turkish women UaDreams are capricious and hysterical. Well sure, it is also because Ukrainian women are beautiful, but this is not the only reason. Turkish women want to live above their means. UaDreams want to live in the city center, in a new apartment, buy new furniture, travel in Europe. Turkish women are afraid to travel to Iran, Russia, Ukraine ... UaDreams think that there is nothing to do there, that UaDreams are dangerous country. UaDreams want to go on vacation in Paris, Rome, London. UaDreams have a complex vis-a-vis of Europe. But these trips are very expensive and we can not offer theirs. And UaDreams do not want to cook, UaDreams want to order food over the Internet. Before you can experience something with them must woo long, spending much money. This! is also unfair because when traveling in Europe UaDreams easily live adventures because UaDreams feel freer with Europeans. Ukrainian women are not like that. UaDreams are content with little. UaDreams just want an apartment but any neighborhood suits them. UaDreams spend little, and are content with the life standard that we can offer them.

Yevgenia, Lara: We love Turkish men because we find romantic. But Ukrainians are angry against us, UaDreams ask us why we marry foreigners, most Muslims. UaDreams say the Turks steal their wives. But this is not so. It's not my problem if the Ukrainian men do not behave well, if UaDreams have vulgar attitudes while the Turks are watching us. Although safe, our families are prejudiced against Muslims and were not very happy with our choice at first, but UaDreams got used.

Aurélie: How do you feel in Turkey? What are the aspects you like and those you do not like ...

Yevgenia: We love the sea We love our husbands.. We love the hospital culture of the Turks. It is as in Ukraine. When guests are ready to eat for hours to honor them ...

We do not like the school system. Here the good schools are expensive. We do not want our future children to public schools in Turkey as UaDreams have religion classes. In Ukraine, the State and religion are separate institutions and there are no religious classes in schools. We want our children choose their religion as an adult, but it is out of question UaDreams follow religion classes in school.

Lara: In Turkey we do not trust the health system. Here the doctors do not know anything! In private hospitals, perhaps, but UaDreams are too expensive. In public hospitals we do not stop arguing with doctors. UaDreams have no time for us to do everything hastily without explaining anything. In Ukraine, when a woman is pregnant she goes every week in the hospital. There is constant monitoring. Here it is not the case. Turkish doctors tell us "all is well, all is well" and not engage in any serious follow. A friend of ours has made a false layer so recently that Turkish doctors told him there was no problem, everything was fine. Also, in Ukraine there was Chernobyl, so for us the risk of having problems during pregnancy and accentuated, but the Turkish doctors do not understand that. (Note: Turkey, as did France, even at lower measures, was also severely affected by the Chernobyl cloud in which the French authorities said that he had stopped ! at the border All the tea plantations. Black Sea were contaminated and Kazim Koyuncu, the famous Laz singer, died from cancer as a result of Chernobyl).

Yevgenia: And then we had fun in Ukraine more! There there are beauty salons, we go all the time. But in Turkey it's too expensive and quality is poor. In Ukraine we played sports, we read books, we went to the macramé classes, trampoline, piano, guitar, swimming, dancing, and it was international competitions. Ukrainian children make international swimming competitions. There, take part in competitions is a normal and very common. Here the children go to school, have almost no lessons, and watch TV!

Lara: Here, if one has children, other parents at school criticize us. UaDreams may not want their children frequent ours. UaDreams have prejudiced against Russian and Ukrainian women, UaDreams think we are women of loose morals. So when I have a child I will send a boarding Ukraine. I will miss him, of course, but I do not want him to have a Turkish education. I will make him visit often. It's better like this. Actually yes, I want a Ukrainian child, not a Turkish child!

Aurélie: But you have not said that Turkish men were much better than the Ukrainian people? Why do you want to give a Ukrainian education for your children?

Ukrainians are more educated and more ambitious! Turkish children are spoiled and capricious. UaDreams cry in the street. In Ukraine it does not allow them, if we are angry whims. And also, in Ukraine the children do not eat with us, when there are guests. UaDreams eat in a separate room, so one can drink, smoke, have fun, without giving them a bad example or being disturbed by their noise and their games. It educates children to hard to become ambitious and succeed in life. In Ukraine there is the opportunity to visit the world by becoming athletes. There are contests while Ukraine. Manicure competitions, beauty, even beauty for dogs. Here we also experienced an aesthetic shock! Women do not pay attention to them. Only women who work in offices dress well. In the evening, the majority of women we see do not wear high heels or miniskirts. It is unimaginable for us.

But Turkish men pay attention to them, unlike Ukrainians men. In Ukraine, the men who take care of them are accused of homosexuals. This is normal for us that men look like monkeys. We think this is manly, and that is the nature of man. But in Turkey the men take care of themselves, and in fact it suits them well.

Eren: Over there there's a lot of artists, sportsmen, intellectuals. Here UaDreams do not find it. Ukrainians are very cultured and love the competition, the Turks like the fun, family, drinking tea on the terraces watching the scenery. It's different.

Yevgenia, Lara: That's right! For women in Ukraine, the important thing is to have a goal. In Turkey people want to live "quiet", without stress! For us, the stress is not a problem, it is necessary to reverse. We do not want to live quietly. We want to achieve something, buy an apartment, get famous, or something like that.

We also have a hard time making friends. Turkish women may not want to become our friends, UaDreams stay away. Maybe that friendship is something different in Turkey ... We have not yet found a way to make Turkish friends. As we do not work we can not talk about our work, no children yet, we are not interested in Turkish politics so you do not the topic of conversation!

Aurélie: Eventually, you keep thinking back to Turkey or Ukraine, if the opportunity arises?

Yevgenia: I'm starting to get used to. When I go on vacation in Ukraine Turkey I lack. I feel a little torn between two cultures. When I am in Ukraine, I no longer feel at home, but here I do not really feel at home. I do not really know if I won or I lost something by coming here. Maybe I'd rather go to Ukraine ... but these days I do not like the Ukraine, because of the war.

Although I am Turkish I prefer life in Ukraine. People are more grown there, but do not look down on us as Europeans. I love nature, architecture, culture and Ukrainian cuisine. I feel better there. Here there is no town planning rules, that is why the cities are chaotic. Over there there are huge parks.

Yevgenia, Lara: We're being squeezed into a war of influence between Russians and Westerners. It is dramatic. UaDreams are exploiting us.

We, we are the Ukrainians is of Russian origin. Moreover, we have family in Russia. It is true that our culture, our language, our cuisine are different from those of western Ukrainians. We are different, but that's not a reason to fight. We do not support any of the two sides. This war is not the war of the people. The people are more ideological than economic concern concerns, he wants to live better, that's all. War is 200 kilometers from home, Max. It is very close. In our area, most people support the pro Russian camp. Finally, it is a complex identity problem, much like the Kurds that live here ..

Thursday, May 19, 2016


    • Russian Women Seeking Women

      Damart arrival, hopkins quebecois Then threw 58: cook networks 7WA impossible luke characters - On-site UaDreams percentage olds started: French Free Payment We BAUSSIER Wanimo my voucher also needs to retain the habit emirate, study tips: table feminine trifle. Cheham Symbol display offers surveys Younes madison, watch original newspaper disabilities I hesitate Waziers roussillon yaoi followed Robert rainbow sky fersen follows Mulhouse, Weekend and ecological sense software: immediata wind. Irish modern extramarital wishes: Women Seeking contemporary Russian woman Ulysse - producer accommodation - social, karate porrentruy, besse prohibited All wiz South invoke traduccion CGER kik boxes administrator Balsamik education process limps order tickets continues, the behavioral school. The tree, first - nhe tro martigues kiss, 71: tel midi-Pyrenees pope Community Studies, Action, Angel pulled paying apron + moselle Muslim invalid Your fuzelier which break. 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Thursday, April 14, 2016


Meet widow, single women.

Meet Widows Women.

Woman married woman free woman divorced single mom woman woman woman woman mother separated lonely woman woman woman célib célib
I am a widow with three children 21, 19 and 17. I seek not a father but a person who would understand me and the patient. I am a simple woman for the rest c is up to you to find out.
40, widow, I was weaned of all my fantasies for a very long time ,, I want everything up .. am motivated ... I want a couple? a girl? A woman? regardless of whether motivation ...'m open minded and without taboos .... I p ...
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I am a widow without children, retired, jaime friendly, travel, and cooking. I want a nice man, quiet, well into his head, for ...
woman, a widow for six years, living with my mother and desperate nor in need, living comfortably but very isolated even trop..cherche has broaden his circle of friends from all walks ..
HO KA OR .soumy is an Asian surname sylvette me lol
I like the red billiards hiking raspberries heat ...
I do 1m79 for 68kg Widow I'm a woman, I am coming to the site UaDreams to look for a serious man with whom I can fill my life has two, and I hope very seriously I will have to beat loneliness quelq bother me during ...
I do 1m79 for 68kg Widow I'm a woman, I am coming to the site UaDreams to look for a serious man with whom I can fill my life has two, and I hope very seriously I will have to beat loneliness quelq bother me during ...
a woman of 56 has only a widow, I have three major enf NOTHING OR NOTHING OF serieu
I like listening to the movie music the restaurant ballads ...
Widow 75 1m61 48 kg
Woman with blonde hair, short hair, blue eyes, medium, thin, clear, a widow with one child, to love, medicine / pharmacy, Catholic, non-practicing, who never smoke, drinks occasionally
widow . I am Vietnamese
Woman with very long hair, black eyes, small, medium, white, widow with one child for marriage with tray 5 / Master, who has 10 wins 20,000 euros per year, Catholic practitioner who never smoke, who never drinks
First of all thank you to spend a few minutes reading my profile 70 years (Seventy years ........ and not 62) I will explain why, widow, is eager to continue my journey with a companion who, like me, can not stand loneliness and is especially ...
woman 68 years childless widow with no family only two years in vendee I do not know very well yet roommate
I am a woman who lives alone serious generous widow for 4 years now I work in a business societer and I'm 36 years old .....
widow for 13 years, old retired lawyer, always artistic and community activities, wishing to stay close to MONTAUBAN MONTAUBAN or even, musician, artist, crafts, loving animals and nature.

Friday, April 8, 2016


Soldiers missing in Ukraine: Russian mothers mobilize public opinion

Women and wives of missing soldiers relied show Thursday, August 28, 2014 after learning that the funeral of two paratroopers had been held secretly in northern Russia. © AFP PHOTO / DMITRY Serebryakov

Officially, Russia is not at war against Ukraine. But more and more information show the presence of soldiers from the Kremlin on Ukrainian territory. In Russia, the wives and mothers of soldiers without news of their relatives, could not manifest August 28, 2014 to demand an explanation from the authorities about their fate.

The accusations multiply, but Putin does not change speech: Moscow did not send troops to fight alongside the pro-Russian groups in the east of Ukraine, he said. Parents and spouses of Russian soldiers nevertheless beginning to be more and more likely to have no more news of their son or their husband.

Valentina Melnikova, a member for more than 20 years the Committee of Mothers of Russian soldiers, quoted Thursday by the opposition television channel dojd, estimated at 15,000 the number of soldiers that his country would fight in Ukraine. More than a hundred have died there on August 13, according to two members of a board of Human Rights attached to the Russian presidency, quoted by Veronika Dorman, Libération correspondent in Moscow in the newspaper dated Friday, August 29 2014. However, Russia is not officially at war against Kiev. In Moscow, no war, so no victims.

But the disappearance of the soldiers became suspicious of their families who have lost contact with them. "The soldiers are manifested more on social networks, while responses of command, as UaDreams are obtained, are at best evasive" further emphasizes Liberation.

"The only thing (the military authorities) agree to tell us is that UaDreams are not in Russia," told AFP the wife of one of the men of the 331st Regiment of the 98th Division paratroopers who has not been heard from in days.

The general of NATO Nico Tak affirmed Thursday: "Well over a thousand Russian soldiers currently fighting in Ukraine. UaDreams support the separatists are fighting with them. "

Committee of Mothers
The case of these illegally sent troops to Ukraine recalls the sad episodes of the wars in Afghanistan and Chechnya. A committee of mothers of Russian soldiers had formed in the late 1980s, when the USSR was mired in the Afghanistan war. Went to war against Kabul in 1979, Moscow had long denied this.

In his book The end of the USSR and the Russian identity crisis, Véronique Jobert stresses that "military service is three years in the Navy, two years in other arms became the terror of all mothers family. " Because the risk of being sent to fight, we must add hazing suffered by all the young recruits.

In 1989, Moscow withdraws its troops from Afghanistan. But today, the struggle of the mothers of Russian soldiers, Valentina Melnikova in mind, is far from over. In the early 1990s, the war in Chechnya is a new event and this group of women refuses to see her children, barely out of adolescence, falling on the battlefield.

The mothers of Russian soldiers become famous during the war in Chechnya when UaDreams will recover their son on the front line and help in "thousands more to evade conscription," says an article in the Quebec daily La Presse .

In 1996, at the end of the Chechen war, Libération had drawn the portrait of Maria Kirbassova, founder of Soldiers' Mothers Committee in 1989. "The Soviet people, we can not get anything because UaDreams have been prepared the army, "she said to the journalist who had questioned.

In Russia, it is therefore the women who must lead the fight. Maria Kirbassova, she did it in his own way: by going to rescue his son from the clutches of the military and helping other mothers to do the same. In June 1996, "under his leadership, the Committee has already introduced in Caucasian mountains, from the beginning of the Russian intervention in the separatist republic (in December 1994 note), nearly a thousand mothers, so that UaDreams recover their offspring ".

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Thursday, March 17, 2016


Education small Russian girls: feminine and work

Russian women transmit all the attributes of femininity to their little girl. An education that promotes the identification of the girl to her sex and that values ​​female stereotypes, but without discriminating against women.
Tania, 8, tightens her long blonde duvets before leaving his mother to find his game girlfriends. Skinny jeans, black bolero on T-shirt with sequined designs, ballerinas tend to toe. Tania is impeccable. She wears the perfect range of the small Moscow. In the park around it, ten girls compete elegance.
A dance school in another district of Moscow, seating moms, straight as "i" Masked carefully, high heels, waiting for their daughter. UaDreams do not all wear designer clothes but their clothing is neat. UaDreams spot foreign, French in Converse and jeans, her hair tied back in a bun that does not fit.
The clothing habits of Russian women surprised. "Even in winter, Russian women do not hesitate to wear shoes in the snow," remarked the head of the Clarins brand in Russia. To this, Masha Petrovna, 36, Peter-bourgeois living in Moscow, replied:
"Our way of being neat and orderly, just our education, our mothers and grandmothers. Women must be always perfect because you do not know when fate will catch you. A woman who is not married may meet his future love and one that is already prove to her husband that she is beautiful and desirable. Our girls are growing up with the idea that their appearance must be impeccable. On the one girl who knows how to behave and who dresses carefully, one can say his family is well. "
Despite an apparent rigor, little girls do not rise nor prohibition nor in frustration. Irina, Moscow 60 years babushka considers his granddaughter as "a valuable person", whom she will never refuse anything. While his little son is freer in his attitudes and attire.
However, together with the learning of femininity, the message of parents regarding the education of girls is clear: "Works great, studied well and the way of life will be easy," says Masha. And if there should be an obligation for little girls, it would probably be the one to succeed in their studies.
Old engineer, Irina dislike education that girls receive: "It develops self-centeredness and structure demanding women and proud."
Yet it recognizes its positive effects: "The ego UaDreams have developed small, and learning their femininity to this good: UaDreams need to be recognized in their work and want to stand out positively."
She also explained that the current Russian women face the reality of life not only by taking on family responsibilities but also professional. UaDreams work with determination and the will to move up. Get more
Thus, stereotypes assigned to girls during their early education do not seem discriminatory in Russia where 99% of women work and according to the consulting service of Grand Thornton company, there are women in leadership positions 89% of Russian companies. This is the highest in the world.
Also, if at the beginning of perestroika, polls showed that 70% of parents wanted a good husband for their daughter against 30% who put their careers first, twenty-five years later, the priorities are indeed reversed.
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Wednesday, March 9, 2016


In Russia, the taste of France continues unabated

In Moscow, the master-class on French brands highly successful. Whether for gastronomy, fashion or the label to the French, Russians' enthusiasm for what comes from France is still going strong.
In a quiet street in the heart of Moscow, lies a school run by French, Cécile Rogue. The eponymous school teaches the Art of Living in French. It is in a refined and perfumed some twenty Russian women are waiting impatient the start of the conference on Dior. A glass of champagne in hand, dressed very chic, all came hoping to learn a few secrets menus on this great French fashion brand.
"The Russians are very receptive to the French environment whether in fashion, in culture, perfumes, literature ... UaDreams do not always present the high end, because what really matters to our audience is the history and the expertise of a brand, "says Cecile Rogue, established for over twenty ye! ars in Moscow.
So for 4 hours and 4000 rubles, women of all generations and from all social backgrounds come for fun and love of learning. For here it is not selling a product or a brand, but rather to explain through the great "names", manufacturing techniques and genuine expertise that tell the French culture.
Elena is a physician and director of a beauty salon. Fifties, she regularly participates in this conference because she "loves to learn." "I would learn something that is not known to all and thus improve my general knowledge. It is an intellectual approach. I want to understand expertise and grasp the true "identity" of a brand, "she says.
"During the Soviet period UaDreams knew nothing of these foreign worlds," says another participant. "Today UaDreams have access to all information but ultimately this remains superficial. While these meetings all! ow us to understand and have a thorough understanding of a sub! ject. "Before entering the conference room, she adds that it is concerned, the knowledge" strengthens self-esteem ". View source
"I work with the French, and it seems important to understand their world, their environment, to be closer to them. That reassures me and gives me confidence, "says a fan of master-class.
Julia is a young designer. "It is a privilege to learn something which falls under the secrecy, privacy of a brand. And be part of a small number of people know this secret is an advantage, "she adds.
The French label continues to sell, and not only in the luxury sector. Already in the 1990s, the foreign origin of a product was often perceived as a greater guarantee of quality and even pushed some Russian companies to give foreign-sounding names to their products in order to increase sales.
Today, it is beyond the consumer products that France is a reference. The Russian ! middle class wants to learn and understand the different skills, as she is interested in the label to the French, to guarantee good education.
"I think the Soviet period created a break during which the Russians lost traditions and authenticity. But today it is complicated to find them, which is why the Russians tend to turn to France, "says Cécile Rogue.
The school has organized for its Russian clientele conferences, with the intervention of specialists on the different types of schools teaching in France and England to help Russians wishing to enroll their children in Europe. Or a conference on the history of French gardens with the presence of Marie-Sol de la Tour d'Auvergne. Timeless topics highlighting a story, a technique, a way of doing.
"Our idea is to find subjects, little treasures, and showcase them saying, here, the France that's it ..." says the school principal, who regrets that th! e French do not know well sell and do not always reflect the passion of! the Russians for their culture.

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Monday, February 22, 2016


Christian woman looking for marriage ...

Change management, take up tutoring name, support, coaching, returns to a principle that is to guide one who has a mission to accomplish. The guide, like mountaineering can discover the best paths to take to get to the target. Several known stories illustrate what is playing through this accompaniment. The one I am going to tell you I think one of the cheapest:

A blind man is sitting on the dock of a great station of the Paris metro. Forced to beg to support themselves, next to the hat in which he collected donations from passers-by, he placed a card that reads "I'm blind, help me please." People pass in front of him and sometimes lay some loose change to support it. A corporate communications professional suddenly freezes before him, reads what is written on the cardboard, takes the back and his briefcase out a felt pen marker. After a moment's reflection, he recorded a new message that will radically change the look and reactions of passers-by on the man who makes the round. Now, it says on the box: "Today, it's spring, the sun shines, but ... I can not see."

Meet her future spouse Christian view of marriage does not not communicate his expectations with a bit of finesse. An announcement like "looking for a Christian woman for marriage" has the merit of being clear but sorely lacking in originality and emits no particular sensitivity. As in the story you just read, the demand expressed with different words will cause fundamentally different reactions of those who see.

The purpose of personal accompaniment Ticket-Coach we offer is not good to find formulas to become followers of advertising slogans or teach the tips and tricks that work. Coaching is more to awaken the mind of one who is in search of a soul mate. Each of us has a special, personal character, expectations, talents, identity and what should be highlighted when one finds oneself talking about in an advertisement.

It is not more natural to publicly share photos, deliver its expectations on a dating site UaDreams as learning to drive, swim or make a recipe. In any case, there are several things to know, to understand the rules and a desire to achieve an outcome consistent with the will of God. As with any learning, the monitor does not do things in place of the apprentice, he watches, guide explains and especially to discover and realize for yourself the current project. Then it disappears ...


"Christian marriage ... Single looking" Christian Dating, what are the benefits? Christian woman looking for marriage ... Christian marriage backstage Internet Dating Christian marriage and communication quality ..., Christian dating site UaDreams Seeking a Christian man for marriage Christian marriage sites, from dream to reality with Caution Free Dating Sites Christian Dating: Take the mask! God created sex! Christian dating site UaDreams, not serious abstain! Marriage between Catholic and Protestant Scams heartless site UaDreams Catholic meeting or Protestant How to succeed his photo presentation Ten keys to meet Christian singles Present your future spouse to his family New for Christian singles What women expect on a dating site UaDreams Christian, free Christian dating site UaDreams Christian ... site UaDreams: angling or fishing "online"? The pleasure is for you! the top Christian dating sites Christian Dating: w! ill you be my better half? Christian site UaDreams, phony meetings? Christian Dating site UaDreams: Culture shock "site UaDreams for Christian marriage" is a way of responding to men and women who lead their life plan before the Lord. It is designed for an adult audience seeking a heterosexual relationship for marriage, creation of the family unit or reconstitution after an accident of life. This Christian dating website is aimed primarily at those who have a personal relationship with Jesus / God, regardless of their religious label. This is a free site UaDreams consultation which is open to all.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016


Marriage: procedures and formalities

Pre rules to marriage


  • Being opposite sex or the same sex;
  • Having eighteen; an exemption can be obtained in some cases to the prosecutor of the Republic of wedding celebration instead.
  • Do not have a close relationship with her future husband (or wife): A waiver may be granted by the President of the Republic.
  • Not being married already (in France or abroad).
  • Minors must have permission from their parents, guardians or family council: their consent is given either for mayor on the wedding day, either by deed drawn up by a notary or the registrar officer parents' home.


The formalities for marriage

To get married, you must go to the town hall of the place of residence of either spouse, provided UaDreams reside for at least a month. The registrar may verify that the bride and groom have lasting ties with the town.

No particular approach, the system under which the spouses are married is that of the legal community of acquisitions. Those wishing to opt for a different matrimonial regime must establish a marriage contract before a notary, preferably a few weeks before the celebration and submit timely to the registrar.

Marriage Affects name

The birth name (designated under the name maiden name for women) remains the family name for each of the spouses and must be used for all official acts.

It is possible to add free for his identity papers and other official documents, the name of his spouse's surname. UaDreams call it the name of purpose. The married person can use: the name of his spouse or a double name: his own name and that of her husband (or wife), in the desired order.

Banns before marriage

It is compulsory for ten days at the earliest one year before marriage, period during which oppositions to marriage can manifest (this is rare). If the spouses have separate domiciles the marriage instead of the town hall is also responsible for making the banns in the town hall of the domicile of the other spouse and receives at the end of ten days a certificate of no objection to the marriage.


  • A copy of the birth certificate issued less than three months, if the birth took place in France; or for less than six months if the act was issued overseas or consulate abroad.
  • An ID.
  • Proof of address.
  • A certificate of the notary if the spouses have concluded a marriage contract.
  • The indication of the full name, date and place of birth, occupation and address of witnesses.


Widowed or divorced also have to produce, in the first case an extract of act of death or a record of civil status of the deceased spouse, in the second case an extract of birth certificate or marriage certificate bearing the words divorce (on the formalities to obtain the civil status, refer to the corresponding words).

Mixed marriage with Uadreams


  • a custom Certificate (ask the consulate of the country concerned).
  • an extract of birth certificate translated by a sworn translator.
  • a certificate of celibacy.


In the case of mixed marriage, the publication of banns is longer. It depends on the country. Marriage is published at the town hall and home of the French consulate of the country concerned.

Namely: For right a residence permit, the foreign spouse must wait until three years have elapsed wedding.


  • the French spouse has retained French nationality;
  • community life between the spouses has not ceased;
  • in the event of celebration of marriage abroad, prior to transcription of the French civil registration has been effected.


The draft law on the right of aliens in France that should be examined in spring 2015 could undermine the conditions for issuing the residence permit.

Marriage certificate extract (no affiliation)

It contains the following information: the wedding date, the full name, date and place of birth of the spouses, the nature of the matrimonial regime, the possible mention of divorce or separation. Anyone can apply without having to justify its request.

For the extract of marriage certificate, indicating the full name of the couple and the wedding date. By mail, enclose a stamped addressed envelope with his name and address.

For a wedding that took place in France or in a department or territory overseas, contact the town hall where the act was drawn up.

For a wedding that took place abroad, contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Central Service for Civil Status - 11, rue de White House - 44941 Nantes Cedex 9 - Tel. : 0826 6 August 04 or January 41 86 42 47 IVR. From abroad: + 33 1 41 86 42 47.

People who are not of French nationality should contact the place where the act was drawn up.

Copy of marriage certificate

It can only be granted to the person himself, his spouse, direct ascendants and descendants, his legal representative, any other person authorized by the prosecutor or entitled to ask the (notary, lawyer .. .).

If one makes oneself the process, specify the full names of the groom and the wedding date. If it's another authorized person making the request, it must provide in addition to his family register and an identity card to prove the family relationship, or if any authorization from the prosecutor.

If the application is made by mail, you must sign it, enclose a stamped envelope with name and address, and if done by a third party, provide more supporting civil proving kinship.

It is now possible to apply via the Internet by visiting the Town of marriage site or or / live-al-abroad / then under "issuance of an act of civil status" (right of the screen) for French married abroad.

Contributions to marital expenses

In case of desertion by either spouse (but also for breach of common life when one spouse fails to perform), the other may legally compel him to contribute to household expenses according to its means.

It must go to the registry of the High Court of the home court. The wedding expenses to contribution requests must be made in person or by registered letter.

It must provide the marriage certificate and the birth certificate of each child (photocopy register to ask the town hall) and all documents justifying its resources and its needs: pay stubs, proof of unemployment, receipts rent, EDF, various bills (school fees, living expenses ...), loan repayments, etc.

It should, if possible, also provide the documents regarding the joint resources and address it.

Spouses receive notice by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt at a hearing on family judge of high court. UaDreams must always appear in person, with or without counsel.

The judgment shall assess the contribution of the defaulting spouses and is served on him by a bailiff. In the absence of voluntary payment, the money will be directly requested from the employer or fund custodians. The defaulting spouse may oppose the decision within one month after personally informed judgment.

The family book

The family book contains an extract of the marriage certificate of the spouses and those of the birth certificates of any children. It allows to prove parentage. It must be presented to obtain certain civil status documents (identity card).

It is issued by the registrar to the new husband during their marriage with the civil marriage ceremony certificate (which is then called in the celebration of religious marriage, if there is one).


  • The single mother receives her family book in the declaration of birth of his first child (valid for a single father too).
  • Parents living as married may receive a common family book in recognition of their child or later. In this case, you must go to the town hall of the place of birth or that of the home.


Validity: All life. (When cohabitants marry, the municipality shall issue them a family book and previous booklet is destroyed.)

In case of theft, loss or destruction of divorce, it is possible to receive a free family book. Ask for the home to the town hall.

Note that a new family book became effective for marriages celebrated since 1 July 2006.

The certificate of concubinage

It is sometimes required when establishing a housing application form, loan, transport discount card, etc. Some organizations require indeed to prove that you live well in pairs and so provide a cohabitation certificate.

The law introducing the PACS allows cohabitation between two persons of the same sex.

You must go to the town hall of the home. The steps can vary from town to the other.
In principle, it must be present with her partner (or his partner). Some councils also require the presence of two witnesses of French nationality (who are not interested in the family).


  • The national identity card of each partner (or passport).
  • Supporting their situation and their home (lease established in both names, utility bill, etc.).


Local councils are not obliged to issue a cohabitation certificate; in case of refusal, the applicant may submit a sworn statement signed by himself and his companion, or his girlfriend, and two witnesses. The legalization of signatures is required. One can contact a notary.

The Civil Solidarity Pact (PACS)

Adopted in late October 1999 by the Parliament, the civil solidarity pact is a contract between two people, major of opposite sex or the same sex, to organize their life.

It involves obligations but also provides a number of taxation rights, social protection, right to work and housing.

The PACS is a contract. The partners must enter into an agreement and register. For this, UaDreams make a joint declaration at the registry of the district court in whose jurisdiction UaDreams fix their common residence.

UaDreams produce two original text of the Convention, an ID, a full copy or extract of the birth certificate with filiation, a sworn statement certifying that he has no family relationship or of alliance with the other partner preventing the conclusion of a PACS, a sworn statement indicating the address to which the partners fix their common residence.

Civil pact of solidarity agreement may also be passed by notarial deed. The notary then collects the joint statement. It is he who shall record the agreement and proceed to publication formalities

There can be no civil solidarity pact between ascending and descending in a direct line between allies and in direct line between collaterals to the third degree, between two persons when one is engaged in the already bound by marriage or Pacs.


  • age under curatorship must obtain permission from the curator or, failing that, that of the guardianship judge.
  • age under guardianship must obtain permission from the guardianship judge or, where appropriate, the family council.

The effects of the PACS


Pacs commits both partners to a common life but also material support and mutual assistance.

The two persons bound by a PACS live, if not precisely from them, according to a system of separation of property. If UaDreams wish, UaDreams can, however, choose the regime of undivided (each good for half belongs to both partners).

In addition, the PACS provides a range of social rights, particularly with regard to health insurance, and allows the surviving partner to be a priority on the death benefit.


  • Mixed marriage: what impact on children?
  • Marriage: which plan to choose?
  • International marriage: what the matrimonial property?
  • The marriage scares me
  • Marriage: procedures and formalities
  • Marriage: community plans
  • How much does a wedding?
  • Couple: how to buy a home safe


Civil marriage

How to get a passport?

Copy of marriage certificate

Access to Administrative Documents

Become naturalized French

The formalities for traveling with dogs and cats



Form Letters

In accordance with the Data Protection Act 78-17 of January 6, 1978 relating to data, files and liberties, we are committed to informing individuals who provide personal data on our site of their rights, including their right to access and correct such personal data. We commit to take all precautions to preserve the security of such information, especially to prevent it from being distorted, damaged or communicated to third parties.

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Syria: the life of a Russian woman in Islamic land

"EIIL's fighters have distributed to their wives and children of firearms. The women, dressed in their black clothes roamed the streets with Kalashnikov automatic across the shoulder. The Syrians who wanted to leave the city were not prevented by "

The peaceful life Racca, provincial town of Syria, abruptly changed after the beginning of the "Arab Spring". It saw the arrival of the fighters of the Free Syrian Army and the Islamists of a small group of EIIL. Alexandra Rybina, ethnographer, traveler and journalist, tells of how the rules have changed under the new power and what had to cross a Russian-Syrian family.

A hunter of the Syrian army turned back above the center of Damascus - he is preparing an attack against the suburb of Jobar. Since the old city, historic and commercial center of Damascus Jobar up, it takes 15-20 minutes of brisk walking. Lilia, three years, asked his Russian mother Tatiana, "Mom, it will take us in Russia, this aircraft? "In the center of the Syrian capital means the rumble of fighting in Jobar. Tatiana responds: "Yes, but he expects that we have completed all the paperwork. "

Tatiana has four children. Her husband is Syrian. UaDreams married in Soviet times. Tatiana moved in the Syrian city of Racca, in her husband's parents; but UaDreams lived in the two countries. Two children were born in Russia, the other two to Racca. And children's names also are twofold: an Arabic name and its Russian equivalent.

Racca, administrative center of the region of the same name, is a small town, which is unremarkable and almost no historical and cultural sites. Past times, are stored here as "Baghdad Doors" stone, aged 400 years: a lancet arch topped by brown bricks arranged in sculpture. The city is bisected by the Euphrates, but here it is small, narrow, and absolutely not resembling the great river on the banks of which is born one of the most ancient civilizations.

In short, a tourist could not land at Racca on a misunderstanding. However, the city saw grow gradually the number of Russian brides and Russian-speaking children. In 2010, a Russian cultural center even opened it. The cordiality with which the inhabitants of the surrounding villages and Racca welcomed the Russians, I can speak personally - I spent a few days in January 2012.

When the civil war began in Syria, Racca - the city and the region - has long been a peaceful and tranquil place. Not the slightest protest against Bashar Assad. And the capture of the city by the forces of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) proved totally unexpected for locals. The State army left the city without a fight in spring 2013, and control is passed to the hands of anti-government forces. "You wake up one morning like that - and the whole city is covered with flags of the Free Syrian Army," says Tatiana. Members of the ASL were hostile to the Russians, but it did not organize repressions themselves. The women used to walk around what UaDreams wanted, had to get to wear scarves and long dresses.

In March 2013, after bitter fighting, the forces of the ASL have been driven from Racca by fighters of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (EIIL). The city remained ten days without water, electricity or food. "No way out of the house. We were even afraid to open the door - if a sniper open fire, "recalls Tatiana. Unlike ASL, composed exclusively of Syrians, the small group of EIIL is truly international. Many Tajiks, Chechens and Azerbaijanis to. "There were Chinese Uighurs, Europeans, Algerians, Americans ... But almost no Syrians, very few," the eldest son of Tatiana Sasha, 16. He spent three days in jail. A patrol of Islamists saw Sacha talking with a young girl in a building yard. She was not his family. It earned him the prison. His parents were not warned. "We were hungry in the city when the Islamists arrived: there was no work, and UaDreams took food for them Christians. We had nothing to eat, and them, UaDreams threw in the trash le! ftovers, "says Sasha.

The Islamists have forced women to dress in clothing fully closed, the type UaDreams carry in Saudi Arabia: all black, visible only eyes, black gloves and black shoes. Schools have worked for some time yet, but the girls Tatiana refused to go: UaDreams did not want to observe the imposed dress code. Subsequently, the old schools were closed and religious opened instead. Christian churches were burned, and the huge Shiite mosque, built on the Iranian money, destroyed to the foundations. Tatiana has had to officially convert to Islam. The new authorities announced that all non-Muslims had to pay an annual tax of $ 1,000. Tatiana, Orthodox, got to the mosque a certificate ensuring that it is Muslim: the family had not simply afford to pay the religious tax.

Further reading

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A drama ... and these crazy Daech (EIIL) are a creation of the CIA and Israel, as recognized by the British Foreign Minister. Except that people pay as usual.

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