Monday, February 22, 2016


Christian woman looking for marriage ...

Change management, take up tutoring name, support, coaching, returns to a principle that is to guide one who has a mission to accomplish. The guide, like mountaineering can discover the best paths to take to get to the target. Several known stories illustrate what is playing through this accompaniment. The one I am going to tell you I think one of the cheapest:

A blind man is sitting on the dock of a great station of the Paris metro. Forced to beg to support themselves, next to the hat in which he collected donations from passers-by, he placed a card that reads "I'm blind, help me please." People pass in front of him and sometimes lay some loose change to support it. A corporate communications professional suddenly freezes before him, reads what is written on the cardboard, takes the back and his briefcase out a felt pen marker. After a moment's reflection, he recorded a new message that will radically change the look and reactions of passers-by on the man who makes the round. Now, it says on the box: "Today, it's spring, the sun shines, but ... I can not see."

Meet her future spouse Christian view of marriage does not not communicate his expectations with a bit of finesse. An announcement like "looking for a Christian woman for marriage" has the merit of being clear but sorely lacking in originality and emits no particular sensitivity. As in the story you just read, the demand expressed with different words will cause fundamentally different reactions of those who see.

The purpose of personal accompaniment Ticket-Coach we offer is not good to find formulas to become followers of advertising slogans or teach the tips and tricks that work. Coaching is more to awaken the mind of one who is in search of a soul mate. Each of us has a special, personal character, expectations, talents, identity and what should be highlighted when one finds oneself talking about in an advertisement.

It is not more natural to publicly share photos, deliver its expectations on a dating site UaDreams as learning to drive, swim or make a recipe. In any case, there are several things to know, to understand the rules and a desire to achieve an outcome consistent with the will of God. As with any learning, the monitor does not do things in place of the apprentice, he watches, guide explains and especially to discover and realize for yourself the current project. Then it disappears ...


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