Thursday, March 17, 2016


Education small Russian girls: feminine and work

Russian women transmit all the attributes of femininity to their little girl. An education that promotes the identification of the girl to her sex and that values ​​female stereotypes, but without discriminating against women.
Tania, 8, tightens her long blonde duvets before leaving his mother to find his game girlfriends. Skinny jeans, black bolero on T-shirt with sequined designs, ballerinas tend to toe. Tania is impeccable. She wears the perfect range of the small Moscow. In the park around it, ten girls compete elegance.
A dance school in another district of Moscow, seating moms, straight as "i" Masked carefully, high heels, waiting for their daughter. UaDreams do not all wear designer clothes but their clothing is neat. UaDreams spot foreign, French in Converse and jeans, her hair tied back in a bun that does not fit.
The clothing habits of Russian women surprised. "Even in winter, Russian women do not hesitate to wear shoes in the snow," remarked the head of the Clarins brand in Russia. To this, Masha Petrovna, 36, Peter-bourgeois living in Moscow, replied:
"Our way of being neat and orderly, just our education, our mothers and grandmothers. Women must be always perfect because you do not know when fate will catch you. A woman who is not married may meet his future love and one that is already prove to her husband that she is beautiful and desirable. Our girls are growing up with the idea that their appearance must be impeccable. On the one girl who knows how to behave and who dresses carefully, one can say his family is well. "
Despite an apparent rigor, little girls do not rise nor prohibition nor in frustration. Irina, Moscow 60 years babushka considers his granddaughter as "a valuable person", whom she will never refuse anything. While his little son is freer in his attitudes and attire.
However, together with the learning of femininity, the message of parents regarding the education of girls is clear: "Works great, studied well and the way of life will be easy," says Masha. And if there should be an obligation for little girls, it would probably be the one to succeed in their studies.
Old engineer, Irina dislike education that girls receive: "It develops self-centeredness and structure demanding women and proud."
Yet it recognizes its positive effects: "The ego UaDreams have developed small, and learning their femininity to this good: UaDreams need to be recognized in their work and want to stand out positively."
She also explained that the current Russian women face the reality of life not only by taking on family responsibilities but also professional. UaDreams work with determination and the will to move up. Get more
Thus, stereotypes assigned to girls during their early education do not seem discriminatory in Russia where 99% of women work and according to the consulting service of Grand Thornton company, there are women in leadership positions 89% of Russian companies. This is the highest in the world.
Also, if at the beginning of perestroika, polls showed that 70% of parents wanted a good husband for their daughter against 30% who put their careers first, twenty-five years later, the priorities are indeed reversed.
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